One of the things that I noticed as I tried to adjust to a change in Presidential administrations was that Facebook needs to provide at least two additional emoji symbols.  I’m not sure how they should be designed but they should clearly convey:  Stupid! And WTF.

As I move through my Facebook posts, I’ve tended to excessively use the angry and sad emoji symbols to express my reactions and opinions to what I’m reading.  However, they just don’t correctly express what I’m feeling after reading most of the postings.  For example, a Mother Jones posting: “Trump’s newest national security staffer once suggested Obama lied about being Black.”  This is just stupid…it doesn’t really make me angry; it’s closer to annoying.  But truly it’s just stupid.  This is just one example; I would get a lot of use out of that emoji.

Another issue I have is fake news.  I know that Facebook plans to address the issue, but I believe traditional media has some responsibility to fact check some of these foolish claims when they occur.  Regardless of what some politicians and journalists may say, facts do matter.  MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow presented findings from Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey results from December 6-7, 2016.  It’s amazing how differently Clinton and Trump supporters view what is happening in America.  Here’s her segment:

When considering news sources, only 4% of Trump supporter found the New York Times or CNN to be credible sources.   Of the Clinton supporters surveyed, 91% found the New York Times to be credible and 87% found CNN to be a credible source.  Interestingly, Fox News was not included in this study.  I hesitate to blame all of the misinformation flowing to Trump supporters on the Trump campaign.  I think some responsibility falls on Fox News and the fake news resources.

Here’s a link to the Public Policy Polly survey results:

As I attempt to wrap my head around what to expect in the next four years, my greatest concern is the accessibility to facts.  We must deal in facts.  Personally, I would rather get that information from traditional media sources.  Facts presented without an agenda, allowing the audience to digest the facts first and then seek out explanations and interpretations.

Dee Thurman

MMI-2 International Research



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